You are the Master of the Universe!

Do not ever underestimate yourself...u can destroy the world and the same time you can also save the all starts with just a thought!

This kind of movie appears once in every 10 fact I've never came across any movie so perfect and remarkable and also very realistic!!
Okay so now what's this avatar thing all about.....

The film begins in the year 2154 and focuses on Pandora, an inhabited Earth-like moon of Polyphemus, one of the three fictional gas giants orbiting Alpha Centauri A. Humans are engaged in mining Pandora's reserves of a precious mineral, while the na'vi — the sapient race of humanoids indigenous to the moon — resist the colonists' expansion, which threatens the continued existence of the na'vi and the destruction of the Pandoran ecosystem.
(excerpt from wikipedia)

Hmmmm.....sounds very complicated??? Let me put it simple...
It's a human vs alien movie (the alien known as na-vi or the 'blue people')
what's unique in here is that this movie depicts the humans as the antagonist and the alien as the good being, something we rarely see on other movies.

Another plus points is the stunning view of the forestland of the na-vi planet. It's even more beautiful at night when the whole forest illminate itself! Kudos to the CGI effects for producing fine graphics and creating the whole new world of Pandora with such excellence and perfection. The plot is also very impressive, as I said earlier, it sides the na-vi's rather than the humans.

Overall, it's a must see movie for all ages. As for me I feel slight regret as I didn't watch it in 3D. Looking forward to watch again in 3D!

Well said of the title.....a movie which depicts purely of destruction, yet remarkably done. It's the best disaster movie ever real it created goosebumps on my skin....certainly a must-see show for everyone regardless of the fear of believing in them for real. Or should we??

Definitely this movie projects a lot of negative vibration to us which is bad for humankind....and as a strong believer of The Secret, this prediction is a mere myth of some kind created by someone who is dead. Perhaps, the recent mishaps that had happened or are happening on Earth seemed to be synonymous to the approaching of the year 2012, is some sort of a gimmick in my opinion.

Well, that does not mean that the world will not end, it's just NOT ON 2012!!
2012 is a crucial and targeted year for me as it is where I'll get my license as an aircraft engineer. So I do not want to be hit by a comet on a honorable day when I receive the license!

The Master of the Universe can stop this phenomenon from happening! None of the catastrophic events can affect the Master of the Universe form his deed. The 2012 will be just another great year ahead and as far as the Master of the Universe is concern, there's no world's end (like 2012 there are many other years before which had predicted doomsday such as the year 2000)

So who is the Master of the Universe? YOU OFF COURSE!!!

This was the surprise i was hiding from most of my friends. This year my family and I celebrated Deepavali in Bali for the first time. Never expected this Deepavali would be a unique one....

Actually its more of a vacation trip rather than celebration trip....The spectacular and breathtaking views of the seaside makes Bali a wonderful place to visit. The Hindu-majority area in Bali doesn't seem to amaze me to be honest. This is because their lifestyle and culture is very much different than ours.

Traveled there by air-asia???
Yes, for the first time (and definitely my last time) I traveled on a air-asia ticket. Why so? Well, MAS flights are fully booked and this was our only choice.
How was the experience???'s truly a memorable flight. The journey to Bali was fine but when coming back home was otherwise. The journey to KL left us starving to death because the food we wanted to order in the plane was finished and we were only left with a sandwich and maggi me and a 100ml of water on a 2 hour-50 minute flight! Luckily the food we had on the journey to Bali was pre-booked online.(like the chicken rice??)

What kind of culture they had compared to ours?
1. The Hindu Balinese praying altar is just a decorated empty chair and they pray to it by imagining that the God is sitting on it.
2. The vibhuthi our the forehead is usually white ashes, but theirs is actually rice!(i was puzzled at how it can stick on the forehead for a long period of time.....)
3. The 'Galungan dan Kuningan' is a two different day festival on October which is very grand in Bali(similar to the Deepavali in Malaysia) There were hundreds of beautiful hanging garlands of leaves on each houses, shops, etc. to light up the festivities.

No doubt their culture is unique in their way, but I bet Balinese hindus are very religious and cast-orientated. Practically I can see temples at almost every corner of Bali and some of the road-side temples have priests to bless passers-by who come to pray. But whenever there is prayers or special dance in the temple, the Brahmins are the one who should be on the front line then followed by the others!

Whatever the situation may be, Bali is still the great place to visit and to witness the wonders of picturesque nature and undivided culture.

Actually there's a lot to post in my blog....the Bali trip....the MAS hangar practical experience...the soon-to-be-jailbroken ipod touch...and much more....but i have to set some time aside for my preparation for an exam cum 31st oct....
so to all my followers out there....stay calm...I'll update my blog as soon as I'm fully ready......

Its now i realized i didn't updated my blog for nearly 2 months!! Gosh....i almost lost touch of blogging...thankfully i'm back again to inform that this deepavali will be a little surprise.....

what surprise will it be???
its too early to say it now....but thinking o' it makes me feel very exited and happy.
So friends sorry to say that none o' you are invited to come to my house this deepavali(even relatives all well) thanks to this little surprise. Preparations were on the way....did some heavy shopping at klang's little india(see the throngs of crowd along the streets in the pic) and jusco.

normally every year the celebration will as mundane as it can be but NOT THIS TIME!!
so for those who knew about it....i think you should remain tight-lipped about it because i dont want to cause a big commotion about it....

Hopefully the MAS management will approve the 2-day leave on friday and monday....

speaking of MAS...
this is the first time doing practical on presumably live aircraft at complex A, MAS hangar.

So how do i feel about it??
hmmm....not as exited as i expected and at the same time not as bad as i expected....but one thing for sure is that i've learned plenty of things during this practical and i cant wait to share to those whom are still at metc(i'll blog about it fully after I've completed the practical)

so for those who wondering what surprise will it be...keep wondering....those who don't care about the suprise...its okay....and for those who KNEW about it...stay zipped!


52 years of independence is a hell great thing to appreciate, looking at the struggles of the late Tunku Abdul Rahman and his muhibah geng on the quest to UK to gain independence is something we should not forget. Though we don't exist at that time, the least we can do is to appreciate....and I'm proud to say that...


why is patriotism dwindling over the years?
is it because of people or the country???
hmmmm.....ask yourself these questions and determine whether you are patriotic or not...
1. Did you remember the last time you said 'Malaysia Boleh'?
2. Did you hang/stick national flag in your house/car/etc ?
3. Can you remember what are all the four colours of the Malaysia flag represents?
4. Do you remember/can you sing any of the merdeka song completely?
5. Have you attended a merdeka parade before?

if you have:
1 yes : u r ok to be Malaysian
2 yeses : u r happy to be Malaysian
3 yeses : u r blessed to be Malaysian
4 yeses : u r proud to be Malaysian
5 yeses : u r MEANT to be Malaysian!
0 yeses : u r ........ to be Malaysian

(i don't dare to fill in the blanks....u fill in la...)

so what does my so-called equation actually means???

well, I'm sure the British would not have granted independence if they did not witnessed the three most important aspect of it:
a) unity among the three races
b) all three races are harmonious among themselves
c) everyone is in peace with the country
these 3 aspects exist in year 1957 which results in independence we got till today...

What makes MERDEKA! more meaningful?
peace, harmony and unity must be upheld not only in year 1957 but stretched till today(that's why I multiply all three to 52) which gives a true and synonymous meaning to the word MERDEKA!

Sounds too good to be true that H1N1 Airlines has landed in, not quite yet...

but what's true is that many trainees had caught fever which is kind of freaky....
hmmm....trying not to sound paranoid, but there are more and more trainees with flu....can this mean that the H1N1 flu is lurking somewhere in METC?

as far as H1N1 is concern, a friend of mine (apparently sat next to me) told me that his brother had contracted with h1n1 virus....WHAT!??(i told myself) and the way he told me is as if his bro had ordinary cough....(oh s**t!!) and i sat beside him!

well....lets make a scenario...there's a h1n1 case in metc, so management say metc shut down for 1 week, or 3 days since they usually reluctant to give long leave, then it's horray for all off course....but definitely it's not hooray for some person who's contracted with the disease....and who could that be???

Oh fine i'm being too paranoid....but recently my close friend had chikugunya and admitted in a hospital in penang....then some of my classmates caught fever and absent the next day....then comes the coughing and sneezing and what not.....whatever it is there's this chain of events which is freaking me out...wonder who started it....

Actually to be honest.....don't know how far it's true but as far as I know, i was the first one with a fever(i had it during mod 3 exam) n it lasted for around 5 days, and hence the 'chain of events' in metc.....(maybe the haze that's been overlapping the grounds created or straighten the flu outbreak)

Lets just hope this 'chain of events' or flu season will be dissolved as quickly as possible before the most unwanted flu(h1n1 off course) debuts in metc!


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